I have been to many Christmas parties in my time but I have to say I will not forget this

one soon; each of the resorts work divisions had a dance competition the theme was

“PROM NIGHT”.  Engineering was number 1 last year and had much pressure to repeat

another great performance.  Most of the divisions started rehearsing a few weeks ago,

while Engineering was still not sure on what they wanted to do and who would be the

choreographer.  Engineering only had 3 days of practice due to a tight work schedule

and the arrangement of available time with the choreographer.  Yes we did not get 1st

place this year but we did get 2nd place which was great considering we only had 3

days to put it together.  I will be posting most of the other division’s performances over

the next week; trust me you will laugh.

As always this is Bradlym and if you need any information about Cebu please send me

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God bless and have a great day