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I have now been back for about 3 months.  Soon I will buy a GO PRO and document all places around the City.  SOON TO COME…..


Was in Cebu a few months ago and now I’m heading for Clark Airbase in Angeles City.  Should be posting new stuff soon.  God bless and have a GREAT day.


Hello All

I am back in Cebu; one of my first stops was TGIF Restaurant at Ayala Mall. I will be posting Video’s and more pictures a little later. I ordered the Jack Daniels half slab of ribs and it was very good. The management seems to be much better now and the staff are very friendly and willing to serve. I would highly recommend you stop and enjoy this place. It is connected to an outside bar that has a great view of the malls inner garden area. Just a great place to eat and relax.


It has been two years since my last trip to CEBU. I will be going on my Birthday May 7th 2014. Stay tuned for more STUCK IN CEBU action.



With a population of 94 million the Philippines is desolated with poor and homeless affecting every age limit. My recent trip to Mango Street was very sombre to say the least; I had decided to document the homeless children of Mango Street. I was a bit surprised at the interaction of the children, though they live on the street and beg for money and food they still had a playful spirit. More than once they warned me to watch my wallet because a lot of snatchers are in the area. Though I was only with them for about one hour I will never forget the smile of the young children of Mango. If you have the ability, do something nice for someone you don’t know. This is Bradleym at I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.
Thank you and God Bless




It’s been forever since I have posted on this site. Last June I had left Cebu and moved to Saipan, a very small island about 4 hours away from Manila. I will be vacationing back to Cebu this June and was just thinking of all the fun and experiences I had when I was living in Cebu. One day I know I will retire in Cebu. I have allot more video and pictures of Cebu that I will try and post in the next few months and will update you when I take my trip. I closed all comments because I was getting allot of SPAM, but I will open up comments in hopes to stay in touch with friends I have met.

I met a few friends to eat at the UNO buffet at the WATERFRONT hotel. The service was very good and the food was ok; it was the day before Chinese New Year so they had many nice displays. Hope you enjoy the video and thank you for checking out my site.

At the center of the Queen City of the South is Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, one of the Philippines’ famous landmarks. Located 30 minutes from Mactan international Airport, and a stone’s throw away from the city’s financial district and best attractions, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino is the place to go and stay.






I recently had a chance to meet Manny PacMan Pacquiao at the Imperial Palace Resort and Spa in Cebu Philippines. I was very impressed with him; even though many people where surrounding him he took the time to take pictures with anyone who approached him; I had stumbled over the below article that I think explains why he is so popular. Everyone loves the underdog; I hope the fame and fortune does not swallow him up like so many popular figures.

Below is an article from L.A. Weekly

“The floor of his house was made of dirt. The walls were thatched. His entire family of seven squatted in the house, small as a prison cell, sleeping on cardboard boxes…
Pacquiao dropped out of elementary school to sell doughnuts, ice water and fish he caught from the sea. One day in 1990, watching television, he saw the invincible Mike Tyson fall to James “Buster” Douglas, and fell in love with boxing. The underdog can win, he learned. He punched a rubber flip-flop tied around the trunk of a palm tree. He imagined himself a champion. He was 11 years old.

At 14, he ran away from home, from sleepy General Santos City in the lawless southern tip of the Philippines, a rusty, run-down town lost in time. He stowed away on a ship bound for the megacity Manila. Before boxing training in the afternoon, he welded steel at a factory, then used his weekly pay to buy flowers, which he would sell on the streets for twice the price. At 16, he turned pro, a gangly 106 pounds. He fought like a mad dog, wild and out of control.”

Manny was Born December 17, 1978 as Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao; he has won EIGHT division world championships; having won six world titles. Manny has gone far since the flower selling days, he has recorded music dabbled in acting and has become a politician; May 2010 Manny was elected to the House of Representatives in the 15th Congress of the Philippines, representing Sarangani province.

I’m sure the climax of his career would be to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. who just defeated Miguel Catto in a decisive manner. Manny’s last fight was not as easy and some say that the opponent actually should have won; I watched that fight live and you could see the uncertainty in every Filipino’s face. Everyone in the Philippines I have talked to loves Manny and I personally have grown to respect and enjoy the banter.

Cebu is a great place and it was very nice to have met one of the best fighters in history.

Do something nice today for someone without asking anything in return.



This was one of my most favourite posts; I’m reposting this for those who may not have got a chance to see it. Bradleym

January 10th I visited a sick co-worker at his home town of Cagayan De Oro; I had no idea of the devastation that the people of Cagayan had experienced on December 17th 2011; a typhoon created a flash flood around 7pm, this was the worst flooding in Mindanao in the last 25 years, killing at least 1002 people with more still missing, at least 11 barangays out of Iligan City’s 44 barangays and 23 out of Cagayan de Oro’s 80 barangays were under water. Thousands of residents were sent to their roofs shortly after midnight as floodwaters rose rapidly. My drive even 37 days after the devastation shows how bad the flood really was; I passed an outside basketball court that still housed a few hundred people who had no where to go. Our driver whose house was lost to the flood said that the waters had reached the height of A fence which was around 6 feet within 5 minutes. Please comment our send me an email if you have anything you would like me to check out in Cebu to



I have recently deleted all comments; since I’m new at this I had not controlled the comments. ALLOT of spam was generated; I apologize for the very kind people who left great comments and hope you will try again. I will screen all comments first to make sure they are genuine. Thank you so much and God Bless.

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