This was one of my most favourite posts; I’m reposting this for those who may not have got a chance to see it. Bradleym

January 10th I visited a sick co-worker at his home town of Cagayan De Oro; I had no idea of the devastation that the people of Cagayan had experienced on December 17th 2011; a typhoon created a flash flood around 7pm, this was the worst flooding in Mindanao in the last 25 years, killing at least 1002 people with more still missing, at least 11 barangays out of Iligan City’s 44 barangays and 23 out of Cagayan de Oro’s 80 barangays were under water. Thousands of residents were sent to their roofs shortly after midnight as floodwaters rose rapidly. My drive even 37 days after the devastation shows how bad the flood really was; I passed an outside basketball court that still housed a few hundred people who had no where to go. Our driver whose house was lost to the flood said that the waters had reached the height of A fence which was around 6 feet within 5 minutes. Please comment our send me an email if you have anything you would like me to check out in Cebu to