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OK so it’s been awhile… I apologize. A lot has been going on in my life for the past 2 months. I have been given a chance to work at a Resort on the Island of Saipan and will be leaving Cebu May 31st. I have truly enjoyed Cebu and still have many videos to post when I get the time. I’d imagine I can change the title and post under STUCK IN SAIPAN soon. I will be working on a new post and it should be out in the next few days. I recently was able to meet Manny the PAC man and will post a video about that meeting. Thank you all for your continued support and it was nice to read that some of you missed my post. These kind comments actually prompted me to keep posting. I will be posting a new post by the May 9th; and by the way today is my Birthday……. Working as usual.. Do something kind for someone today….

Gaisano Metro Cebu City


So I was a Marine for 8 years about 21 years ago, I participated in Desert Storm in Iraq; every time I go through the heart of CebuCitymy brain thinks WAR ZONE.  I was looking for electronic parts one day and accidently ran into the Gaisano Metro Mall which is sorta like being stationed in Iraqthen finding a weekend resort escaping from the madness.  Gaisano Metro has five floors with various themes, the basement is a fully stocked grocery store the 1st floor is the men’s department the 2nd  floor is men’s and women’s shoes and cosmetics, the 3rd floor is ladies wear, watches and jewellery, the 4th floor is children’s wear and toys and the 5th and final floor is the food court.  I got up to the 3rd floor when one of the security guards stopped me and said I can’t video the jewellery, which I totally understood, so I stopped videoing the jewellery and continued to the 4th floor to children’s wear; I was stopped again and told I could not video unless I got approval from the manager, since I had already videoed four floors and was only lacking the Food Court I decided to stop videoing.  I then proceeded to walk aroundCebuCity.  Hope you enjoy this crazy walk and do something for someone without expecting anything in return.  God Bless… Bradelym



Located at the 37th floor of the Crown Regency Cebu is the Sky Walk, it must be one of the craziest thing you can do in Cebu, almost in comparison was the Edge Coaster located on the 38th floor; personally I’m afraid of heights and really had to push my self to go out on the edge, I must say my Adrenalin was pumping throughout my body. Rick Cole, the think tank of the operation was gracious enough to give me the full tour of the Crown Regency Experience. He first lead me to the 9 hole black light putt putt golf surrounded by black light effects and a great design; then to the Edge Roller Coaster ride; what a rush, yes every inch of the ride puts you on the edge. Then to the Zip-Line; only 8 seconds but what a crazy ride; it’s the only tower to tower Zip Line in the world, they also have a 4D theatre that uses air, water, chair movement and 3d visual effects; reaching 50 years old in a few months Rick convinced me to climb the two rock walls, needless to say my body felt the burn. Rick then guided me through the Fifties Restaurant with an upside down pink car hanging above and real antiques from the 50’s, it was a great place to spend an hour and dine. I was very impressed with every operation of the Crown Regency; I would recommend anyone who is planning to stay in Cebu to visit. You only live once and I can tell you life is an experience at the Crown Regency. Remember try to do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return. God Bless Bradleym

At the Center of Cebu City, Philippines rises the Fuente Towers, hosting the prestigious Crown Regency Hotel & Towers. The tallest structure outside Metro Manila, the 23-storey, 22,000-square meter Fuente 1 and its equally arresting twin the 38- storey, 36,000- square meter Fuente Tower 2 majestically tower over the Queen City of the South. Its location on Fuente Osmeña and right in the pulse of Cebu City places Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in close proximity to the major points of commerce and recreation.





I had found a few older websites that posted on the Cebu Zoo; most of the comments told of how bad the shape of the zoo was. Yes it’s not a world class zoo, but I can tell you I had a lot of fun. The cost of the entry was 25 Peso’s, very inexpensive for the enjoyment. I was able to take pictures with two big snakes on my neck, hold a hawk and pet an alligator; what other zoo can you do that at. The only issue is finding the place, I did find a great map from another website that I will post; the taxi driver seemed to have no issues in guiding us to the zoo. I would highly recommend you take a few hours and visit the Cebu Zoo. I also noticed a Temple on the way that looked very interesting, will try and get video on that one day. Have a great day and try to do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return. Bradleym

Engelbert Humperdinck and Faith Cuneta


Engelbert Humperdinck has come and gone at the Cebu Waterfront Hotel and Casino; he was accompanied by Faith Cuneta. Engelbert had many hits in his day such as “Release me” and “The Last Waltz”; He is truly living history of the old days, performing with likes of Dean Martin. It was a joy to watch this man sing his signature songs. Sometimes off key but I don’t think anyone in the audience minded. He was unbelievably energetic for being 74 years old. Engelbert’s real name was Arnold George Dorsey born May 2 1936 and known as a British Pop Singer. Hope you enjoy this post and please comment if you have time. Have a great day; God bless and do something nice for someone with no intention of receiving something in return. Bradleym



So I decided to be Tom Cruz and do a mission impossible to see if I can get to the beachside of Shangri La Resort in Mactan Cebu. Last Christmas I tried to get to the back to see if they started to build their Zip Line; but was stopped before I even got to the bottom stairs. This time was a little different; I was able to tour the entire water park. Hope you like the video and please comment if you have time. This is Bradleym at Have a great day.

Emie Romero


I wanted to make this website upbeat and entertaining, but recently something hit me so hard it’s painful to even move. My dear friend Emie was murdered, this girl was a very special child of God and a friend to MANY and she made others feel welcomed and close when she was around. How can another human do something like this, it’s unthinkable and I still can’t believe it. I know the owners and all her friends that knew her will be diligent in pursuing this animal. I can’t think but I just wanted to dedicate this site to her and pray that they catch and destroy this animal. Emie worked hard for her children and her family and with one breath it was all taken away. She was a girl that you could easily dedicate your life to. I MISS YOU EMIE.



This year was a very special year for the first time in the Philippine the Chinese New Year was celebrated as a national holiday. I had the great honour to celebrate the first Kung Hei Fat Choi holiday at Imperial Palace Resort and Spa. The Dragons where dancing and the ceremonial Yee Sang Tossing commenced; follow by a great outdoor dinner that seated over 400 guests.

Yee Sang Tossing
Yee Sang is a fish salad eaten only during the Chinese New Year. The tossing ritual is significant because it “gathers prosperity” for the upcoming year.

Eye Dotting Ceremony
This traditional eye-dotting ceremony involves painting the eyes of “sleeping” lions and dragons with red ink to symbolize the awakening of these creatures. These mythical creatures are believed to be very auspicious and can ward off bad elements and attract good fortune.

Imperial Palace Resort and Spa Cebu is the place to be if you’re celebrating a special event; as always thank you for taking the time to view my site and if you would like me to investigate anything for you concerning Cebu send me an email at



Ok I have walked past this fish spa many times and thought to myself oooowwww no this is not happening. Located in SM mall next to the IMAX theatre in Cebu City is the Tibiao Fish Spa; yes I said FISH SPA. Thousands of little fish nibble at your feet supposedly removing calloused areas. The Spa’s website says that people first are scared of the treatment but once they try, it’s actually ticklish. In Singapore and Malaysia Fish Spa’s have become popular, Tibiao Fish Spa use only local fish found in the town of Tibiao; most foot spas use a fish called “Doctor Fish” which is a very expensive fish. To me a fish is a fish, better served on a plate then eating the dead skin off of my feet. Anyway, this is Bradleym at… give me a yell if you want me to investigate anything in Cebu.



It was a long and interesting weekend; I first went Saturday to see the Solemn Procession of the Miraculous Image of Sto. Niño, it was packed with thousands and thousands of people. After a good nights rest I woke up to the day got dressed and headed to the Sinulog Grand Parade. All I can say is wow… this was a jam packed Parade with colorful costumes and great chorography. Security was very present and if you are the observant type and don’t show off your cash or flash all will be good; you do need to be aware of anyone bumping up to you as many pick pockets aligned the streets; but over all it was a great event and I would recommend any adventurous tourist to see it at least once in their life time. As always if you have any interest in Cebu send me an email at

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