So I was a Marine for 8 years about 21 years ago, I participated in Desert Storm in Iraq; every time I go through the heart of CebuCitymy brain thinks WAR ZONE.  I was looking for electronic parts one day and accidently ran into the Gaisano Metro Mall which is sorta like being stationed in Iraqthen finding a weekend resort escaping from the madness.  Gaisano Metro has five floors with various themes, the basement is a fully stocked grocery store the 1st floor is the men’s department the 2nd  floor is men’s and women’s shoes and cosmetics, the 3rd floor is ladies wear, watches and jewellery, the 4th floor is children’s wear and toys and the 5th and final floor is the food court.  I got up to the 3rd floor when one of the security guards stopped me and said I can’t video the jewellery, which I totally understood, so I stopped videoing the jewellery and continued to the 4th floor to children’s wear; I was stopped again and told I could not video unless I got approval from the manager, since I had already videoed four floors and was only lacking the Food Court I decided to stop videoing.  I then proceeded to walk aroundCebuCity.  Hope you enjoy this crazy walk and do something for someone without expecting anything in return.  God Bless… Bradelym