Ok I have walked past this fish spa many times and thought to myself oooowwww no this is not happening. Located in SM mall next to the IMAX theatre in Cebu City is the Tibiao Fish Spa; yes I said FISH SPA. Thousands of little fish nibble at your feet supposedly removing calloused areas. The Spa’s website says that people first are scared of the treatment but once they try, it’s actually ticklish. In Singapore and Malaysia Fish Spa’s have become popular, Tibiao Fish Spa use only local fish found in the town of Tibiao; most foot spas use a fish called “Doctor Fish” which is a very expensive fish. To me a fish is a fish, better served on a plate then eating the dead skin off of my feet. Anyway, this is Bradleym at stuckincebu.com… give me a yell if you want me to investigate anything in Cebu.